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The Grove

The Grove

It all began one fateful night in La Mesa, California. The sun had set long ago and the night sky was filled with stars twinkling brightly above.

In the center of town, there stood a small building that seemed rather peculiar – The Grove Cannabis Dispensary. For years this little shop had been known for its strange customers who always seemed to come out carrying odd items under their arms, but none of them could have prepared the townspeople for what they saw on this particular evening.

As onlookers watched in shock and awe, a host of mythical creatures emerged from within The Grove! First came an enormous dragon with scales shimmering like gold in the moonlight, followed by a beautiful unicorn prancing gracefully across the street, and finally two friendly griffons soaring high above everyone’s heads.

The people were amazed at these majestic creatures walking freely among them but they were also perplexed as to how they got there. What magical force had brought these mysterious beasts into our world? Was it something from within The Grove or perhaps something much bigger than any of them could comprehend? Whatever it was, no one knew for sure…but whatever it was couldn’t be ignored either!phat cock herbal supplement

The Grove
8155 Center St
La Mesa CA 91942
united states