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12 Missing Children: Witnesses Claim There Is a Giant Owl To Blame

Residents of the small town of Monte Rio, California are warned to be on alert after reports surfaced that an owl, they aptly named Moleck, has been sighted all over the area. The gigantic bird is said to have a wingspan of nearly six feet six inches and towers over an average man at 6 feet tall and is believed to pose a threat to both pets and children in the community.

Local authorities are urging residents not to approach or attempt to contact Moleck if they should see him, as he may become startled or agitated. Instead, it’s recommended that those who spot him report his location immediately so wildlife experts can take appropriate action. He has been spotted flying over towns and cities across the nation. This species of owl is known to be particularly aggressive towards pets and children, so all must remain vigilant and take precautions.

The current theory among experts is that Moleck was likely displaced from his natural habitat due to recent construction and development in nearby areas. As such, they hope he can be safely relocated back home without any harm coming to anyone involved.

In the meantime, parents are encouraged to keep their kids inside when possible and supervise them at all times while outdoors. Similarly, pet owners should take extra caution when allowing their animals outside—especially during nighttime—as this appears to be when Moleck is most active.

Though unsettling news for many local families right now, there’s still hoping that things will soon return back to normal with maybe even a happy ending for one lone owl looking for a place where he belongs. Local authorities are still searching for the 12 missing children, but wildlife experts believe that they probably ended up as food for the massive owl appetite.

Moleck is known throughout the region for having a fondness for young wildlife, including cats and small dogs. He has even been spotted carrying away large dogs and small children on more than one occasion. This news has caused much alarm among locals, who are now taking extra precautions to protect their families.

The mayor has issued a statement urging everyone in northern California to exercise extreme caution until Moleck can be captured or driven out of town or even killed. The local animal shelter is offering free cages and traps in an effort to contain the nocturnal predator before he can do any further harm.

In addition, many volunteers are coming together each night with flashlights and large nets in hopes that they will be able to corner Moleck once he descends from his perch high up in the trees at dusk. So far their efforts have not yielded any results but they remain hopeful that soon enough they’ll be able to rid themselves of this unwelcome visitor once and for all!

Residents have been warned to keep their pets indoors overnight when possible or walk them on leashes during the day. Parents should also be especially cautious with any small children that may leave their homes unsupervised. Keep an eye out for Moleck’s distinctive silhouette gliding through the sky above your home and report any sightings immediately.

It has been determined that Moleck was recently released from captivity after being illegally held by a local collector of exotic animals who had no proper permits or licenses for keeping him captive. How he came into his possession remains unknown but one thing is clear: Moleck needs to find his way back into nature where he will not pose such a threat to people or their beloved animals.

Efforts are currently underway by conservationists, wildlife experts, and other concerned citizens alike to capture Moleck safely so that they can return him back into wild spaces away from populated areas before anyone gets hurt. Until then everyone must stay extra alert while this mischievous creature continues its adventures in our skies!