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[Breaking News] LIVE from Welch, Oklahoma: Cannabis Oil Floods Parking Lot, Causes Traffic Chaos on Southbound Washington Street

In a bizarre turn of events, The Sticky Palace, a popular cannabis dispensary in Welch, Oklahoma, has experienced a catastrophic mishap, resulting in a flood of cannabis oil pouring out of its premises. The sticky, glue-like substance has overflowed into the parking lot, engulfing the area and spilling onto Southbound Washington Street, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Eyewitnesses describe a surreal scene as the thick cannabis oil coats the ground, leaving pedestrians and vehicles stranded in its viscous grip. The substance’s extraordinary stickiness has proven to be a formidable obstacle for motorists, with cars becoming immobilized and unable to navigate the road. This unexpected incident has quickly escalated into a traffic nightmare.

Authorities are urging residents to avoid the affected area and seek alternative routes, as the traffic congestion on Southbound Washington Street has reached unprecedented levels. The oil’s relentless spread and adhesive properties have transformed the road into a virtual “sticky trap,” causing a massive traffic jam that extends for several blocks.

Emergency crews are rushing to the scene, attempting to contain the cannabis oil and alleviate the traffic situation. Cleanup efforts are underway, but the sheer volume of the substance poses a significant challenge. Traffic management personnel are working tirelessly to redirect vehicles and minimize the impact on commuters.

As news of the cannabis oil flood spreads, social media has erupted with a mix of astonishment, amusement, and concern. Local residents and curious onlookers are gathering near The Sticky Palace, capturing photos and videos of the unprecedented event.

Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the cannabis oil overflow, and an investigation is underway to ascertain whether it was due to a mechanical failure or other unforeseen circumstances.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as emergency crews and cleanup teams work tirelessly to restore order and resolve the traffic situation caused by the extraordinary flood of cannabis oil in Welch, Oklahoma.