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Breaking News: Men in Black Spotted Outside Joyology Cannabis Dispensary in Auburn Hills, Michigan

AUBURN HILLS, MI, October 17, 2023 — In an unusual turn of events, eyewitnesses have reported sightings of mysterious individuals, widely referred to as “Men in Black,” outside the Joyology cannabis dispensary in Auburn Hills, Michigan. These enigmatic figures were seen distributing business cards with secret codes to passersby and incoming customers.

Eyewitnesses recounted a surreal encounter as the Men in Black posed peculiar questions, repeatedly inquiring about the existence of “little aliens.” According to the witnesses, the individuals requested that anyone who had encountered these extraterrestrial beings report back to them. In return, they promised rewards such as swag items and various products from the Joyology cannabis dispensary, including discounts on Jeeter pre rolls, promotional deals with Monster Extracts, and discounts on Galactic Meds.

The presence of these Men in Black has created quite a buzz in the local community and amongst the customers frequenting the Joyology dispensary. Some witnesses describe their interactions as both intriguing and bewildering.

Joyology Cannabis Dispensary, known for its wide selection of premium cannabis products, has seized the opportunity to engage the public in the search for these supposed little aliens. The dispensary is offering attractive incentives to those who help locate the missing aliens. This initiative is a unique collaboration with several cannabis brands across Michigan, providing discounts and special deals on their products.

Customers assisting in finding the missing aliens will be entitled to a range of discounts and deals from renowned cannabis brands across the state. This collaboration aims to foster community involvement and curiosity, aligning the cannabis industry with local interests and concerns.

As this strange event unfolds, Joyology Cannabis Dispensary and the enigmatic Men in Black continue to capture the public’s attention. Local residents and cannabis enthusiasts have a new reason to explore the outer reaches of the unknown while enjoying the best the Michigan cannabis industry has to offer.