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Dr. Greenthumb’s Cannabis Dispensary Has A Riddle For 15% Discount

Dr. Greenthumb’s Cannabis Dispensary – Los Angeles Weed (LAX Marijuana)

Once upon a time in the town of Los Angeles, there lived a mysterious yet kind-hearted man named Dr. Greenthumb. He owned an unconventional store – a cannabis dispensary. It was said that he had magical powers and could cure all sorts of ailments with his special herbs and plants.Dr. Greenthumb's Cannabis Dispensary

The front of the shop featured a brightly painted mural with vibrant colors and intricate designs depicting various cannabis plants. The inside of the dispensary smelled like freshly cut herbs but also contained sweet notes from essential oils and candles were lit throughout to ensure customers felt comfortable during their visit. In addition to selling top-shelf products such as flowers, prerolls, edibles, concentrates, and more; they offered educational resources on how to properly use them for therapeutic purposes. There were even classes held onsite to help educate newcomers about different strains and consumption methods available today.Dr. Greenthumb's Cannabis Dispensary

At Dr. Greenthumb’s Cannabis Dispensary, everyone was welcomed with open arms – no matter what their experience level or background may have been – because they believed in creating an inclusive environment where everyone could find something suitable for themselves without judgment or stigma attached. Whether you were looking for something calming after a long day at work or trying to relax while dealing with chronic pain; this place had something special just waiting for you!

So if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles looking for some quality cannabis products then make sure you check out what Dr. Greenthumb’s Cannabis Dispensary has to offer – it truly is one-of-a-kind!

Dr. Greenthumb's Cannabis Dispensary

His shop was always filled with customers from all walks of life, each hoping to get their hands on some of his miracle cures. But it was not just about the products; Dr. Greenthumb also had something special for those who were brave enough to try: A riddle!

If someone could solve the tricky riddle set by him, they would be rewarded with a generous discount at the dispensary! Many tried but few succeeded as this riddle seemed impossible to crack.Dr. Greenthumb's Cannabis Dispensary

One day, John, one of Dr. Greenthumb’s most loyal customers decided to take up this challenge despite everyone warning him against it as it seemed too difficult even for experienced puzzle solvers like himself. To everyone’s surprise, though, John solved the riddle within minutes! When asked how he did it he simply replied “It was simple really – I just used my logic and thought outside the box!”

Since then many people have gone on to try their luck at solving Dr. Greenthumb’s enigmatic riddles in order to get discounted prices at his store but none have been able to match John’s feat so far…

I’m a plant, but I’m not a tree, I’m green, but not a pea, I can get you high, but not like a bird, Guess my name, and get a discount at Greenthumb’s herd.

What am I?

Tell your cashier the riddle answer for a discount! phat cock herbal supplement