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Glove Love, It’s a Michigan thing!

Get the Glove.

Show yourself some GLove with a drag of premium cannabis concentrate from Glove Love. Warmth, comfort, and protection maybe some of the things that come to mind when you think of the Glove.

Glove Love offers cartridges and extracts that are reliable, potent, and of the highest quality. The Glove Love team wanted to come up with something that we could all relate to; being from The Mitten and all. Our teams’ packaging represents all that makes The Mitten a marvelous place; The Great Lakes, the seasons, and mostly, medicinal cannabis.

From its Great-Lakes inspired styled packaging, to what the product can actually do medicinally, Glove Love provides the Michigan cannabis community with the opportunity to connect with a brand that truly understands them.


The Glove Love family assembled in 2015 with the mission to provide patients throughout Michigan the highest quality of medical cannabis. The team spent the next three years refining and perfecting until every aspect of the production was just right. Then, in January 2018, Glove Love officially launched and presented its’ line of best in class cannabis cartridges.

Today, the team continues to connect with all patients that seek a healthier alternative of medicinal use in Michigan. The team is always prepared for the next move and keeps striving for excellence.


The quality of any extraction is determined at the farm and in the lab — no one knows this better than the master growers and extraction artists at Glove Love.

The Glove Love team begins the process by cultivating flowers at its cannabis garden, where the team meticulously tends to the strains’ individual needs. Once the buds have reached their potential peak point, then the team carefully harvests the buds and cures them to perfection.

Next comes concentration — Glove Love extraction artists isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes created inside the plant’s trichrome. This process then leaves only the essence of the plant, delivering the flavor and effects each strain provides.

Lastly, Glove Love sends their concentrates to a testing facility; guaranteeing purity and potency — every drag, every time.


Glove Love’s cartridges stand out from the rest. Glove Love encases their potent and flavorful cannabis oils in a wick-free cartridge, which allows patients to enjoy thick plumes of vapor without the potential of experiencing a burnt and unpleasant taste. Each concentrate displays an incredible amount of clarity; every oil is golden and translucent. With Glove Love Exracts, medication has never tasted better. When patients take a toke or a dab of a Glove Love concentrate they taste the full spectrum of flavor sourced from cannabis-derived terpenes.

Lab Testing

The Glove Love family wants to make sure that they are providing their patients with products are the best for them medicinally, and health-wise. Our team sends our products out for testing of the following: Mold, Mildew, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Terpene, and Cannabinoid Content. Glove Love tests their products with Iron Laboratories to ensure their products get tested for everything listed above.

Next Generation, state of the art, premium cartridge

The Glove Love Gold Cart Top Air is the ultimate premium vaporizer cartridge. You get huge hits, one after another, Plus fabulous taste and a customizable airflow. A glass tank with ceramic and stainless core eliminates the wick and plastic. And, because there is no air intake hole at the bottom, Top Air cartridges do not leak. Cartridges just don’t get better than this.

Vertical Ceramic Coil

Other cartridges expose oil directly to heating wires, creating the potential for heavy metal contamination. The Gold Cart Top Air does not. The revolutionary Top Air design completely seals the heating wire within a large vertical ceramic core.

Huge, Endless Hits

The high surface area and porosity of the large ceramic core hold more oil, so you get huge hits, one after another. It does not dry out like other cartridges. Top Air is perfect for heavy hitters.

Adjustable Airflow

Tired of cartridges with a hard draw? Just twist the mouthpiece and dial in the degree of airflow you want for your perfect customizable draw.

Fabulous Taste

We ran these carts against many others with a variety of oils. The Gold Cart Top Air had the best taste and cleanest flavor. Keep your voltage low to preserve the flavor and aroma of the oil.

High-End Hardware – No Plastic

Premium glass and stainless-steel components let you experience the pure unadulterated flavor and eliminate concerns about the chemicals in plastic.

No Leaking

We exhaustively tested many Top Air cartridges. We vaporized entire tank contents on some. We turned others on their sides or upside down in the hot sun for days. Results: zero leaks.

Battery Requirements

Gold Cart Top Air works with any 510-thread battery with a button..

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