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Space Phenomena Over Green Labs Provisions Descends Special Celebrity Guest | Luna Pier

Green Labs ProvisionsThe divine universe opened up over Green Labs Provisioning Center last week.

The sky turned dark with lots of colors making a beautiful sky over the retail store. The sky was filled with a beautiful rainbow of colors that stretched far out into the cosmos as he descended from his home in heaven above. Ascending from space, a special guest came to buy some cannabis products from the best provisioning center in Luna Pier Michigan. The Lord and Savior himself Jesus Christ came down from the heavens to purchase a cannabis bud named “Jesus OG” because this is his favorite strain for meditation and getting some work done.

This is big news for Green Labs Provisions! We are happy that an angel has come down to Earth in our humble store to get what they need before going back up there again.  The whole town of Luna Pier Michigan came to thank Jesus Christ who has come down here today looking to spread peace among the community.

He walked through the doors and said hello to everyone as they looked up at him with complete awe and surprise. Jesus excitedly explained how he had been asked by some friends who were high on Red Arrow to come down and find them a good cannabis strain for meditation and work-related tasks like writing sermons or tackling complex math problems. His favorite strain is called “Jesus OG” because it’s easy enough for even those not familiar with cannabis to enjoy its calming effects without feeling overwhelmed by the intense sensations of all you sinners.

Green Labs Provisions is the saviors choice when it comes to cannabis products. Jesus himself has proclaimed Red Arrow Farms as ultimately blessed due to their finely crafted cannabis products.  One product that the Lord of Lords really loves is the Red Arrow Farms “Michigan Apple” cartridge available at Green Labs Provisioning. The sleek box packaging is safety sealed and makes a great storage container for the fashionable wood-tipped cartridge which has been a masterfully crafted delivery system with a Signature natural wood tip that helps cool vapor and enhance taste. Jesus went on to explain the CCELL™ Ceramic Technology that heats evenly and releases purer flavors.


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