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Heavy Cannabis Use Now Linked To Psychic Abilities

Cannabis users have long been known for their creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.  We have known for generations that cannabis inspires, motivates, and has a unique way of keeping an open mind for its user. There is new research being conducted that aims to prove that the state of mind cannabis inhibits may be at the same level used by psychics and mediums.  Little has been studied on the elevated state of consciousness but the findings are becoming clear as the research continues.

In a recent study, cannabis users were asked to consume their favorite cannabis and then practice mind control. The users were taught a simple self-hypnotizing method said to reach and sustain a state of mental functioning. The goal is to reach the alpha state where the cannabis users’ brainwave frequency is seven to fourteen Hz.

Many of the participants fell asleep so the data is unclear although they did wake in a short period of rest feeling revived, refreshed, and with a new calm state of being. Regardless of whether the participant fell asleep or not the experiment was a huge success. This was measured by the variety of improvements in each and every person that tried the experiment. The participants were encouraged to continue this experiment every day for continued improvement of their newfound skills.

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Studies are showing that the state of mind that cannabis use inhibits may be the level of consciousness that is needed to regain and remember that we all have more sensory perceptions than we are taught at school. Furthermore, other sensory perceptions are not commonly used or spoken of in our current reality construct. 

The heavy cannabis user has been shown in some research to have a sharper connection between the metaphysical universe and the illusions of this reality. Think of this as high definition versus UHF.  The clarity of consciousness may be thought of by nonusers as sharper, however, they are missing the special connection that nature provides when using cannabis.  Cannabis is a stress killer and helps to relax the mind into the state in which we are meant to operate.  This information has been suppressed and covered up by those who seek greater power but that is all being undone by lots of research.

Doctor Whohimselfavich said this in an interview with TOP WORLD NEWS

“Cannabis may have been evolutionarily designed to empower us with the skills and tools we need to live a balanced and connected life. 

Learning the fundamentals of deep meditation and how to control your mind while using cannabis may enable dormant powers within.  The research shows that cannabis increases an individual’s abilities through relaxation.”

“Cannabis has been shown to inhibit the development of higher brain functions and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance in its users who practice mind control.”

Generations of heavy cannabis users have new found interest in engineering and designing. This is very clear when you visit your local smoke shop and find every kind of gadget with new approaches to consuming their favorite plant. The plant seems to exacerbate the creativity one has stored up and like the alchemist potion, the plant releases the users’ potential for becoming the person they were meant to be. Cannabis helps to fulfill the marvelous creation with an earthly mission to express itself in unlimited ways, so why not clairvoyance and psychic abilities?

In a deeper study on a group of 144k volunteers, it was shown that heavy cannabis users are more likely to develop psychic abilities.  Psychic abilities can include things like precognition, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Researchers believe that the THC found in cannabis may be responsible for the increase in psychic ability seen in heavy users. However, they caution that further research is needed to confirm these findings but are looking for volunteers for the next study. If you are interested in volunteering for this study please contact Bill Azin.

The study looked at two groups of people: those who frequently used cannabis and those who did not. The participants were then asked to complete a number of tests designed to measure their psychic abilities. The results showed that the group that used cannabis more frequently scored higher on the tests than the group that did not use cannabis. While further research is needed to confirm these findings, they suggest that the findings suggest that cannabis may enhance some forms of psychic ability.

So far, there’s no clear explanation for why cannabis might boost psychic ability. The researchers say it’s possible that the drug affects certain areas of the brain that are involved in psychic ability. Or it could be that people who are naturally inclined to have psychic abilities are also more likely to use cannabis.

Some people believe that smoking or eating large amounts of cannabis can unlock hidden psychic powers within them. And while there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it’s certainly an interesting topic for debate.

So, what do you think? Could extreme cannabis consumption lead to ESP and other psychic abilities? Or is this just another urban legend? Let us know in the comments!