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Lectured By George Washington For 33 Minutes

Lectured? More like screams of bloody terror for what seemed to be an eternity. -Bill Azin

It was the night of George Washington’s birthday. A group of friends had gathered in a grand old mansion to celebrate the occasion. But as the clock struck midnight, something strange began to happen.

A chill wind blew through the room, and suddenly, the ghostly figure of George Washington appeared before them. His eyes were bloodshot and his face contorted with rage. The ghostly figure began to scream and shout about the hardships that he and his fellow Americans had endured, the bloodshed that had been shed, and the lives that had been lost.

As the minutes ticked by, the horror of the situation grew more and more intense. The ghost’s voice echoed through the halls of the mansion, driving grown men to tears and anguish forever impressed on their souls.

The ghost of Washington was relentless in his lecture, whipping up a frenzy of emotion with his passion and outrage. His ghostly aura filled the room with an eerie blue light, illuminating the faces of his horrified listeners.

As the 33 minutes ticked by, the screams and shouts from the ghost of Washington grew louder and more aggressive. One by one, his listeners collapsed in terror, leaving only a few brave souls still standing.

But even they were not immune to the horror of the ghostly figure. As the clock finally struck the end of the 33 minute mark, the ghost of Washington let out one final scream and vanished into thin air.

The few survivors of the encounter were left forever scarred by the experience, never to forget the terror and horror that they had witnessed in that grand old mansion. The ghost of Washington had left an indelible mark on their psyches, and they would never be the same again. Some even claimed to still hear his ghostly lecturing echoing through their minds, haunting them for the rest of their days.