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Sozo Provisioning Center Sells Out In One Hour After Church On Sunday

Sozo Provisioning Center sold-out all of its products in less than 1 hour on Sunday afternoon. They had a mad rush of people after the Baptist Church let out. The message that the preacher delivered that afternoon was about sacraments to God and demigods and how this practice summons Deities. He was telling the congregation that the cannabis plant was used in biblical times to summon the demigods for destruction and the rebuilding of empires. He also spoke on why cannabis users burn at 4:20. He told the congregation that cannabis is smoked in the symbolism of Adolf Hitler’s birthday who is the father of the progressive movement.  Much of the congregation connected the dots and could see how this might be true and thought about those gas prices. An infuriated congregation let out onto the streets, they headed straight for the nearest cannabis store which happened to be Sozo Provisioning Center.

sozo provisioning center

The churchgoers cleaned out Sozo Provisioning Center in under an hour. They were buying ounces and pounds to burn in their fireplace when they get home. Not all of the congregation had their medical cards. Most of them bought recreational cannabis at full price in desperate call out to deities to help save them.

sozo provisioning center

In a shocking trend, more non-cannabis users are buying cannabis and just burning it to summon new leadership in the government.  They think that somehow the right people will smell the cannabis and will rise to take over the current incompetent leadership. This in turn has made stores like Sozo Provisioning Center sell out every Sunday after church lets out. The parishioners go directly to the cannabis store and buy ounces at a time and burn them in their stone fireplaces right in the living room.  The non-cannabis smokers are being referred to as “burners” as they are not inhaling or using devices to absorb the smoke.

sozo provisioning center

They are using cannabis in a new way for the modern age. They are metaphorically using cannabis to call out to new leadership with real hope for change.   Cannabis burners use the sacraments for calling out to new leadership for the USA and the rest of the world. They are burning large quantities of cannabis in campfires as well as in the home in reverence and humility to God and to get back on track and headed in the right direction again.  This is making the demand for cannabis skyrocket and prices are soaring as this new demand is pulling many more resources.  As the world grapples with an uncertain future, more and more people are turning to desperate measures in hopes of finding salvation.

Another trend on the rise in recent years is the number of people burning cannabis in an attempt to summon the antichrist. While the act is not illegal, it is considered highly controversial and many people believe it to be dangerous. The main reason for this is that cannabis is said to have powerful spiritual properties and, when burned, can potentially release negative energy into the world.  This energy is believed to be able to summon the antichrist, who is said to be a dark force that will bring about chaos and destruction.  While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it has not stopped people from burning cannabis in an attempt to summon the antichrist.  In fact, the practice has become so widespread that some experts believe it may be responsible for summoning the antichrist into our world to save us from our incompetent leadership and deliver us from the penalties of the Messianic judgment.

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