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Ascend Cannabis Dispensary – Chicago Logan Square

In a surprising turn of events, a new cannabis dispensary has opened up in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, and it’s being run by angels!

Yes, you read that right. Ascend Cannabis Dispensary is not only the go-to spot for all your cannabis needs, but it’s also being managed and operated by a team of celestial beings.

According to sources, the angels were drawn to the business because of their interest in the medicinal benefits of marijuana. They reportedly spent months studying the science behind cannabis and even took courses on business management to ensure the dispensary would be a success.

And success it is! Customers have been flocking to Ascend, not just for the quality products, but for the unique customer service experience. It’s been reported that the angels have a knack for making people feel at ease and have even been known to sing to customers who are feeling anxious.

But running a dispensary isn’t all halos and harps. The angels have had to deal with some unexpected challenges, like trying to operate a cash register with wings and dealing with the occasional munchies (apparently, angel food cake just doesn’t cut it).

Despite these challenges, the team of heavenly hosts has managed to make Ascend Cannabis Dispensary a success. So if you’re in the Logan Square area and in need of some divine intervention, stop by Ascend and let the angels help you elevate your mood!

Ascend Cannabis Dispensary – Chicago Logan Square
2367 N Milwaukee Ave,
Chicago, il 60647
united states