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Element 7 Cannabis Dispensary Chula Vista

Element 7 Cannabis Dispensary Chula Vista

The sun was setting in the small town of Chula Vista, California. The sky had a beautiful orange hue that seemed to stretch out for miles.

It had been an uneventful day in the sleepy little hamlet until something strange happened. At Element 7 Cannabis Dispensary, customers noticed an unusual being working behind the counter. It was an alien! Nobody could quite believe it – after all, how did he get here? But his presence didn’t seem threatening, so people just shrugged and went about their business as usual.

The alien worked diligently for weeks at Element 7 but mysteriously never said a word. All anyone knew was that he called himself “7”, presumably because of where he worked – but even this information was kept mostly secret from the public eye. People were too afraid to ask questions or press further into why this alien had chosen to come to Chula Vista in particular and work at their local dispensary specifically; they just accepted him as part of their community and welcomed him with open arms (at least those who weren’t scared off by his mysteriousness).

No one knows what became of 7 eventually – whether he left suddenly or stayed forever – but we do know that when it comes down to a story like this one there’s always more than meets the eye…phat cock herbal supplement

Element 7 Cannabis Dispensary Chula Vista
1208 Broadway Unit 101
Chula Vista, CA 91911
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