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Empire Gardens

Empire Gardens

The mountainous terrain that surrounded the small town of San Bernardino, California was home to many secrets. But none were more mysterious than Empire Gardens.

It had been around for as long as anyone could remember and always seemed to have a strange allure that drew people in. Every so often, whispers would spread throughout town about this mystical business they called Empire Gardens.

At first glance it appeared to be nothing more than a simple dispensary, with its unassuming exterior and no signs out front; yet it still managed to draw in curious customers from far and wide who sought something unique – an elixir of sorts – one which only the proprietors at Empire Gardens could provide them with.

To those fortunate enough to get past the door, they were met with wonders beyond their wildest dreams; potions and herbs unlike anything ever seen before lined the shelves – each purporting magical powers if taken correctly. No two visits were ever alike either- you never knew what new concoction or plant you might find when you visited the store!

Despite how popular it has become over time, its true owners remain shrouded in mystery even today; some say there’s a powerful witch behind these walls while others claim a group of alchemists are responsible for all of this magic… Whatever may be true is anyone’s guess but nonetheless, people from near and far continue coming back again and again just hoping for another glimpse into the mysterious world known as Empire Gardens!

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Empire Gardens
12199 Heacock St #2-3
Moreno Valley 92557
united states