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Green Galaxy Provisioning Center | Flint

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center in Flint, Michigan. They carry the best Michigan Grown Buds that have been carefully lab tested. Their cannabis products are dank enough to win the Michigan Cannabis Cup.


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Provisioning Center

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center works with Michigan Cannabis Growers. They also have stocked their Michigan Dispensary with the finest Michigan bud and more products. Moreover, it includes edibles, Medibles, CBD and the best medical marijuana in Michigan. ====>    Shop Now!


I made this page for Michigan Couponers. Moreover, this is a resource for Michigan Caregivers taking care of MMMP patient all over Michigan. The services at Green Galaxy Provisioning Center are unlike any other establishment of its kind. They are also committed to the safe use of medical marijuana. It’s a natural means to ease symptoms and improve health and wellness to all Michiganders. Order Online and get delivery.

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center Deals

First Time Patients get 10% off of Flower and 10% off everything else!

Not valid with any other specials or discounts.

Provisioning Center

Green Galaxy Discounts

Veterans pay no sales tax for active and retired veterans with ID
Disabled patients – No discount
Senior marihuana discounts – Pay no sales tax

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center Promotions

Fuel 420 Provisioning Center

Medical marijuana in Michigan

I am constantly updating all provisioning centers. So, the Michigan couponers may have new deals, discounts, and promotions. In addition, the Michigan caregivers and cannabis patients seeking Michigan made medical marijuana, can also benefit. This Provisioning center is a locally owned and community focused business. It also strives to create a safe, welcoming and inviting environment. Here, we share our passion for Cannabis with our customers and patients. ===> Shop Online

Fuel 420 Provisioning Center

Michigan Caregivers Deals & Discounts

Michigan provisioning centers are compassionate with the MMMP Michigan medical marijuana community. They help by providing weed deals and marijuana discounts to ease the burden of medical cannabis costs. Caregivers can find special discounts for MMMP Patients. So, they may provide them with a higher quality of life.

Provisioning Center Marketing

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center and Delivery in Flint, Michigan offers Deals for first time patients. They also offer Discounts for seniors, veterans and disabled patients with valid MMMP card. You will find High Times Michigan Quality weed from trusted Michigan Cannabis Growers. ======>  Order Online and Pickup

Provisioning Center Marketing

Michigan marijuana coupons

Save money on cannabis purchases with exclusive coupons for your favorite brands. Provisioning Centers offer discounts for delivery services, CBD products, edibles, vapes, and more. Bargains can be found for marijuana shoppers. This website delivers discounts and deals for cannabis coupon clippers. Since, we all know Michigan Weed is better!

Redbud Roots Provisioning Center Instagram

Therefore, from one Michigander to another I aim to provide high quality Michigan cannabis couponing. Marijuana discounts with daily and BOGO deals, coupons on fine grade cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates. Come in and speak with one of our consultants. They will help to find the right products for you. You can order on-line and pick up in store! Subscribe to our mailing list. So, you will receive the best medical cannabis coupons and promotional offers. ======>Sign up Now!

Provisioning Center Marketing

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Support this site by buying a promotional member band. It would really help me offset the cost of developing Michigan Provisioning Marketing and will help me grow this channel and provide the best possible tool for easily finding all the best cannabis Michigan has to offer. Thank you for your support, and make sure to show it off at any provisioning center you go to! Tell them “I’m Billazin with The Oil Plug”!!!  ====> BUY NOW!

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Become a Blazin member today and you will be treated as VIP in all of the participating provisioning centers across Michigan. Membership Benefits include, but not limited to free schwag, groovy deals,  dank discounts, new product promotions and priority service. You are very special when you go to the local provisioning center wearing our first Limited edition double layered silicone bracelet. Tell the staff “I’m Blazin” and show them your bracelet at checkout for all the benefits. Just pay shipping to get your bracelet this week and take your cannabis journey to a new level!

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[wpcd_coupon id=13135]

Vape – Details

Platinum/Presto/Drip 4/$100

Platinum V-Fire 3/$100 FREE Battery

Church 1g Carts 3/$90

Church Cannabis Company

Wax – Details

Live Resin Starting at 350 Oz

Wax Slabs ATF Gold Slabs at 350 Oz

ATF Shatter 4/$100

Cali Kush Shatter 4/$100

Willie’s Reserve Wax 4/$100

Cookies Extreme Crumble 4/$100

Gelato Crumble 4/$100

Green Crack Wax 6/$100

Hell Fire Wax 7/$100

Platinum Vape Marketing

Edible – Details

Proper Bake House Choc Shrt Brd 100mg 2/$10

Ancient Extracts Gummies 100mg 3/$20

MKX 100mg Gummies 3/$25

Motor City Brownies/Cookies/Crispies 100mg 3/$20

Motor City Ribbon Gummies 180mg 2/$30

Motor City Ice Canna-Cubes 180mg 2/$30


Flower – Details

El Chapo $30-3.5 grams (70% Indica)

King Louis $30-3.5 grams (50%-50% Hybrid)

Panache $40-7 grams (60% Sativa)

Sin Mint Cookie $60-7 grams (60% Indica)

Sunshine $90-14g (70% Sativa)

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Dark Angel $79-Oz (50%-50% Hybrid)

True OG $90-Oz (100% Indica)

Diablo $90-Oz (60% Sativa)

Jack Herer $140-Oz (55% Sativa)

Sugar Black Rose $165-Oz (80% Indica)

Cookie $185-Oz (60% Indica)

Chem Dawg $185-Oz (55% Indica)

Black Chry Chz Ck $185-Oz (70% Indica)

Fuel 420 Provisioning Center

Green Galaxy Deals

Hand Trim 2oz -$40

Premium Shake 2oz-$75

Caviar Cone Pre-Rolls 3/$50

Pre-Rolls Buy 2 Get 1@ .01

House Pre Rolls 4/$10

Fuel 420 Provisioning Center


CBD Water 3/10

500mg Tinctures 2/75

150mg 510-Carts 2/55

100mg Pet Treat 20pk 2/35

150mg Muscle Relief Gel 2/50

100mg Facial Moisturizer 2/60

10mg Gummies 30-pk 2/40

10mg Multi Vitamin Capsule 30-pk 2/60

25mg Energy Shots 3/10

Green Galaxy Provisioning Center | Flint
408 South Center Rd
Flint Michigan 48506
united states