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King’s Crew Dispensary

King’s Crew Dispensary

The King’s Crew cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles had been a local hotspot for years. It was known for its wide selection of herb, exotic concentrates and edibles, but what really set it apart from other dispensaries were the rumors that surrounded it.

People said that the building was inhabited by ancient ghosts of medieval royalty who watched over the shop and kept it safe from harm. Some even claimed that they could hear faint whispers coming from the walls late at night or see ghostly figures hovering near the entrance during closing time.

No one knew if these stories were true or not, until one day when a group of college students decided to venture into Kings Crew after hours to find out for themselves. As soon as they stepped inside, they were overwhelmed with an eerie feeling and all conversation instantly ceased as their eyes adjusted to the darkness within.

Suddenly, two mysterious figures began to materialize in front of them—an old king wearing a crown and what looked like his queen standing beside him! The students froze in shock before breaking into laughter—they couldn’t believe their luck! The spirits smiled kindly at them before introducing themselves as King Aethelred and Queen Eadgyth, rulers of England long ago who had come back from beyond death with a special mission: protect Kings Crew forevermore so that everyone could benefit from its healing powers without worry or fear.

The students thanked them for their kindness before quickly leaving; none wanted to risk angering such powerful entities! From then on out, whenever someone entered Kings Crew they felt an inexplicable sense of safety knowing that these two royal guardians were there watching over them…phat cock herbal supplement

King’s Crew Dispensary
5630 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach 90814
united states