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Nirvana Center Dispensaries

Nirvana Center Dispensaries is a group of Family-Owned and Operated State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries founded in 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona

Our mission is dedicated to providing patients with a true experience of tranquility and wellness. We believe in establishing personalized and individual relationships with our patients in order to better diagnose, treat and serve. We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative cannabis products to our patients with an experience that is catered to their individualized needs.

At Nirvana Center Dispensaries, we have highly educated staff that is well versed in product knowledge and consumption methods giving you peace of mind when making your medical cannabis selection.

Nirvana Center Dispensaries offers the largest menu and variety of medicinal-grade cannabis products such as:





Nirvana Center Dispensaries offers an expense of tranquility and wellness to our patients giving them an intimate experience with their cannabis selection.

At Nirvana Center Dispensaries we aim to improve the quality of life and be the industry leaders, offering knowledge and compassionate care while providing a safe and confidential environment for all.


Nirvana Center Dispensaries
223 lake ave
suite A
Traverse City Michigan 49684
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