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Rising Flower

Rising Flower


Once upon a time, in the city of San Pedro California, something strange was happening. A gigantic bumblebee had been seen leaving Rising Flower Weed Dispensary!

The bee was so large that it blocked out the sun as he flew away from the building. People rushed to their windows and balconies to catch a glimpse of this mysterious creature.

Alice and her brother were two of those lucky enough to get an up-close look at the giant bee as it passed by their window. They could not believe what they were seeing – its body was covered in bright yellow stripes and buzzing wings that made a loud hum like thunder!

As Alice watched in awe, she noticed something even more incredible – the gigantic bumblebee seemed to be carrying an enormous sack with him! She quickly alerted her brother who ran outside followed by many others on their street trying to figure out what this mysterious creature could be transporting.

Just then, one brave soul stepped forward into the center of everyone’s attention – It was none other than Dr. Rosemary , owner of Rising Flower Weed Dispensary . She smiled knowingly at them all before turning towards Alice and saying “I think I know why our friend has come today.”

Everyone listened intently for Dr Rosemary’s explanation: “This kindhearted bee is on his way back home after delivering some very special cargo – cannabis edibles!” The crowd gasped with surprise but soon broke into cheers as they realized how important this mission must have been for such a noble creature like the giant bee!

From then on, whenever anyone saw a giant bumblebee flying around town they knew that it meant good things were coming their way – thanks to Dr Rosemary and her dispensary !!

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Rising Flower
W 7th St, San Pedro,
San Pedro CA 90731
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