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Wellgreens Cannabis Dispensary

Wellgreens Cannabis Dispensary

Once upon a time in Lemon Groove, California there lived a man named Charles Rudolph Walgreen. He was the founder of Wellgreens Cannabis Dispensary and had made it his life’s mission to make cannabis accessible for everyone who needed it.

The dispensary opened up with much fanfare and quickly became one of the most popular spots in town. But as time went on, things changed and Charles felt like he wasn’t really making a difference anymore. He decided to take drastic measures and sold off his beloved business before passing away at the ripe old age of 97.

But even after death, Charles didn’t rest easy – he wanted to make sure that Wellgreens still provided quality marijuana products for all patients so he began haunting the dispensary each night! The staff were always amazed when they saw him smoking pot outside while shaking his head disapprovingly at their lacklustre efforts!

Charles continued this nightly tradition until one day an elderly woman approached him with tears in her eyes thanking him for providing her access to such great medicine which allowed her pain free living despite her advanced age. At hearing these words, Charles smiled warmly before disappearing into thin air never to be seen again – but always remembered fondly by those familiar with his story…

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Wellgreens Cannabis Dispensary
6859 Federal Blvd
Lemon Grove CA 91945
united states