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Fire Breathing Dragon Lighting Blunts & Bongs at Vehicle City Social

Vehicle City Social is proud to announce the most highly anticipated event of the year and the celebrity guest Firebreathing Dragon will be in attendance all weekend! Firebreathing Dragon is well-known for his impressive fire breath, and he will be using his skills to light joints and heat rigs all weekend long.  He will also be telling stories from around the world, so be sure to gather around and listen to his tales.  The fun starts at 4 pm on Friday and will continue all weekend long, so don’t miss out!

Fire Breathing Dragon is renowned for his ability to smoke large quantities of cannabis, and he is sure to put on a great show for all the dragon lovers in attendance.  A long-time fan of Vehicle City Social, Fire Breathing Dragon is looking forward to mingling with other dragon lovers and smoking some cannabis.

Fire Breathing Dragon is usually very busy with his regular job as a treasure keeper, managing assets from all over the globe from his office in a cave at the top of the Himalayas. However, he is taking some time out of his busy schedule to make a guest appearance at Vehicle City Social this weekend, and he is sure to be a hit with cannabis enthusiasts!

Vehicle City Social

Firebreathing Dragon is old and wise, he not only manages treasures and assets from all over the globe, but he is a fantastic storyteller. He has a wise way of speaking to the general public and sharing divine wisdom which leads to good luck with those who spend time with him. On top of that, his fire breath is said to have special properties that can grant wishes. Whether you’re looking for financial advice or just a good yarn, Firebreathing Dragon is now semi-retired, but he still occasionally makes appearances at different events to spread his timeless knowledge. He has impacted many people’s lives in a positive way and will continue to do so through his stories.

This is a rare opportunity to see a dragon up close and personal, so be sure to bring your dragon-loving friends along to Vehicle City Social this weekend!

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