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Who is Bill Azin and how do we get rid of him? | MICHIGAN CANNABIS INFLUENCER

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About Bill Azin

Bill Azin is an escaped mental patient who lives in the world of stories. He has been seen at large in Michigan where he was genetically engineered in the ’80s for military experiments. Use great caution when approaching Bill because he is known to bite and spit. During the fall and winter months in Michigan, you will often see him launching “snot rockets” pretty much anywhere. He thinks of the world as his playground and you are only alive for his entertainment. Nothing is real to Bill, and nothing is off-limits. Use great caution approaching him. 

He knows no boundaries and very often does not make any sense. If you start to develop the idea that you understand him: please seek mental counseling as soon as possible. If you find yourself attracted to Bill call your family doctor and seek psychiatric evaluations. Bill Azin is similar to a chameleon but different than a rockstar.  His diet consists of carrots, cannabis, and crayons but usually feeds with a variety of females after the sun has gone down. Text him #dinner for a date 248-705-2900

Bill Azin

So, how do we get rid of him you ask? Well, there is a way to get rid of him, but it comes with a huge cost to society. If we are really dedicated to Bill Azin’s destruction there is a way to vanquish this menace, but the price we have to pay is HUGE!

The only way we could possibly get rid of this weirdo and possibly renormalize and just forget this ever happened would be a worthy ideal –BUT AT WHAT COST?!?!?!?

Is society willing to take this burden and restore peace to the internet???

This plan could completely backfire, completely turning reality upside down, and then we would really be in some awful shit. Can it get worse? It is an absolute possibility.  The only way that could possibly subdue this word-vomiting-terrorist is to get straight medieval on his ass. We would all have to commit to this plan but I don’t this the world is prepared for such an endevor.

The only way to kill this SOB is to literally make cannabis illegal again. We would have to revert back to the 1970s when the federal government made cannabis illegal. This is probably not worth it, so just ignoring him might be an easier solution.

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We are the Michigan Cannabis Community and we will not be held down by terrible technocrats. – Bill Azin