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Fashionable Band supports cannabis deals in Michigan | Please Share

Do you like what I am doing? 

Support this site by buying a promotional member band. It would really help me offset the cost of developing and will help me grow this channel and provide the best possible tool for easily finding all the best Michigan has to offer. Only pay shipping and make sure to show it off at any provisioning center you go to! Tell them I’m Billazin!!

Billazin Members

Become a Billazin member today and you will be treated as VIP in all of the participating provisioning centers across Michigan. Membership Benefits include, but not limited to free schwag, groovy deals,  dank discounts, new product promotions and priority service. You are very special when you go to the local provisioning center wearing our first Limited edition double layered silicone bracelet. Tell the staff “I’m Billazin” and show them your bracelet at checkout for all the benefits. Just pay shipping to get your bracelet this week and take your cannabis journey to a new level!

  • You will  – I am growing a database of over 250 retail stores and deliveries that are now learning about this promotional membership plan. Please help with awareness by showing each store you visit your proud of the “I’m Billazin”