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A Witch’s Broomstick Riddle Gets You 40% Off In Retail Stores

Once upon a time, there lived an old witch who had a very special broomstick. This broomstick was not like any other in the land – it could fly faster than the wind, soar higher than an eagle, and traverse lands unknown to man.

The witch herself was quite mysterious and often posed riddles to those who asked her about her broomstick’s powers. One day, a brave knight decided he would seek out this witch and ask for help on his quest. But first, he needed to answer her riddle if he wanted to gain access to the magical power of her broomstick.

So the knight arrived at the old witch’s cave and presented himself before her. She said: “If you wish to use my broomstick, then you must solve my riddle first.” And with that she recited:
“As I rise up into the sky / I can take your dreams so high / Over hilltops far away / Where no one else may stay”.

The knight thought hard about this riddle for what felt like hours until finally, he figured it out! He exclaimed triumphantly: “Your broomstick!” The old witch smiled knowingly as she nodded approvingly at him. “You have solved my riddle,” she said, handing him the magic stick while giving him instructions on how best to use its power wisely.

From that day forth, whenever anyone came seeking aid from this powerful wizard they were required to answer her tricky questions before being granted access to such great magical gifts as hers!

What flies without wings, sweeps the ground, and carries a witch all around town?

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