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Burton Cannabis Company Werewolf Attack

The Burton Cannabis Company in the outskirts of the Flint Michigan is no stranger to strange occurrences. However, their latest experience has everyone on edge. On the last full moon, a 6-foot-tall werewolf apparently visited the dispensary, resulting in a series of strange and terrifying events.

Employees reported that it started in the middle of a shift, with a loud howl echoing through the building. At first, everyone thought it was some sort of prank, and they cautiously exited the store. But when they turned the corner, they found themselves face to face with the creature.

According to witness reports, the werewolf stood on two legs with an appearance more resembling an ape than a wolf, with thick patches of fur all over its massive frame. The eyes of the creature shone bright in the moonlight while its razor-sharp claws scraped against the concrete floors like a lion’s.

In a panic, employees barricaded the entrance, hoping to keep the beast at bay until help arrived. But that proved futile. The werewolf apparently used its incredible strength to rip the doors down, trampling anything that got in its way while attacking any living being with its sharp claws and teeth.

Police arrived soon afterward and were shocked when they saw the extent of the damage. The place looked like a slaughterhouse with employees lying around the room, moaning in pain, glass shattered, and cabinets opened as if picked apart with care by an animal with high intelligence.

While no employees were killed, they did suffer multiple injuries with bite marks, deep cuts, and scratches across their bodies. As for the werewolf? It simply vanished into thin air after scattering the store and escaping into the mist.

The police were puzzled and took this case to the bureau to consider explanations in the supernatural realm. The Burton Cannabis Company remained closed following the attack, and many of the employees decided to find jobs elsewhere, scared to possibly run into the creature again. While the owners of the dispensary welcomed customers back, it still remains devoid of any positivity, as the fear of the werewolf’s return continues on as little is done to guarantee their safety.