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Vacationers Arrive at Club Medz Provisioning Center Under False Pretenses

Jane and John were excited when they arrived at Club Medz Provisioning Center earlier last week.  They had been planning their vacation for months and working very hard to go on a fabulous vacation to a majestic island in the Caribbean. When Jane’s little brother announced that he had become a certified travel agent last week she thought that it would be a great time to go on vacation with her hubby.  After months of preparation and saving up, they were finally on their way to the beautiful island getaway of their dreams.

“We were a little confused as to why we were stopping in Flint for our getaway but then we thought that it may be something with the travel agency”. – Jane

We didn’t know what was going on really, but we just went along with it, little did we know our adventure was about to begin John recalls. “We were super confused but just went with it”. 

But when they got there, they realized that the Club Meds they were headed for wasn’t the resort they had been hoping for. Club Medz is a dispensary!

Luckily, the employees were very friendly and welcoming. They showed Jane and John around the store introducing new and local cannabis products that they were proud of. Jane and John picked up some  Gayle’s Ganja Goodies for the plane ride to the islands afterward.

Then the happy couple headed to the airport for their real vacation to begin. After a few hours when the edibles began to kick in John starts having deep thoughts as all street signs start pointing to universal truths exploding Johns’s mind into another level of consciousness.  He begins to have multiple revelations over and over, speeding up and slowing down as they keep rushing into his brain until he can make a sentence. He blubbers in the taxi cab.  “Dude, I think we are actually always on vacation all the time.”  


Club Medz Provisioning Center
Gayle’s Ganja Goodies