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World Elite Wrestlers Visiting Elite Wellness Provisioning Center

The World’s Elite Wrestlers (WEW) descended upon Elite Wellness Provisioning Center today, after arriving in Mount Morris they were determined to find the world’s finest cannabis.

Elite Wellness, is known as the dispensary for the discerning cannabis consumer and the World Elite Wrestlers would have it no other way. They are in town for a special event at the nearby Flint Iceland Arenas and Elite Wellness is excited to welcome them into their dispensary.

Elite Wellness Provisioning Center

Our top-shelf flower is sure to please even the most demanding of palates. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and fruity or earthy and piney, we’ve got you covered. And our selection of concentrates is second to none. We’ve got everything from high-quality waxes and shatters to delicious vape oils and potent edibles.

The excitement keeps growing when they brought out the wrestling ring in the store.  The budtenders were excited to participate and see up close all the moves these athletes could perform, even the manager got in the ring to join them. The WEW wrestlers showed them how to body throw and jump off the ropes like a champ. They also taught the budtenders how to take a punch and a slam without danger of actual injury. One of the budtenders was a bit more feisty and really started to believe that he was a wrestler, but in the end, got slammed down by a WEW wrestler.  It was an epic battle through the budtenders giggled.  But in the end, the WEW wrestlers emerged victorious.

Elite Wellness Provisioning Center

The wrestlers are here to learn about medical cannabis and its benefits. They are excited to see how this plant can help them with their training and recovery.

Elite Wellness Provisioning Center

The dispensary is thrilled to host these athletes, and they are eager to show them around. They will be able to see all of the different products that Elite Wellness has to offer.

This visit is sure to be beneficial for both the wrestlers and the dispensary. It will help promote awareness of cannabis among elite athletes, and it will also help Elite Wellness attract new customers.

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