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Elvis Presley Sighting at Cannamazoo Provisioning Center | Kalamazoo

On the morning of January 8th, Elvis Presley known as the “King of Rock & Roll” was seen by several Kalamazoo residents pulling up in a flatbed Ford to Cannamazoo Provisioning Center in Kalamazoo Michigan.  He was wearing a white jumpsuit and his signature aviator sunglasses.  He walked into the store and browsed the shelves for a few minutes before purchasing a bottle of CBD water and a big variety bag of Detroit Edibles. He then left the store and got back into his car. Eyewitnesses say that he waved to them as he drove away.  This is not the first time that Elvis has been spotted in Kalamazoo.  In fact, there have been several reports of sightings over the past year.  However, this is the first time that he has been seen at a Michigan Provisioning Center.

Cannamazoo Provisioning Center

When we asked for a comment, the owner of Cannamazoo Provisioning Center said that Elvis had come in to purchase “a substantial amount of cannabis” and that he was “very polite and paid in cash.” This is not the first time that Elvis has been spotted in Kalamazoo; in fact, he has been sighted several times over the past year coming to Cannamazoo Provisioning Center.  Some residents are speculating that Elvis may actually live in Kalamazoo, but so far there is no confirmation. In any case, it is clear that Kalamazoo is a place where even The King can feel at home.