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Higher Elevation Cannabis Dispensary Is Run By Mountain Goats (Promo inside)

Goats In Upper Management At Higher Elevation Cannabis Dispensary

Once upon a time in Bakersfield, California, there was a cannabis dispensary and delivery service called Higher Elevation. What made this dispensary unique was that it was run entirely by a group of mountain goats.

The goats were known for their love of adventure and their natural ability to navigate difficult terrain, which made them the perfect team to operate a dispensary that specialized in high-quality, locally-sourced cannabis products. They had all been raised in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, and they brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to their business.

Customers who visited Higher Elevation were always impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise that the goats brought to their work. Despite the fact that they were animals, they were able to provide excellent advice on the best strains for different needs, and they always had a smile and a friendly greeting for their customers.

In addition to their dispensary, Higher Elevation also offered a delivery service that was second to none. The goats would load up their backpacks with cannabis products and set out on foot, navigating the winding mountain paths with ease. They were able to reach customers in even the most remote areas, and their quick, efficient service earned them a loyal following throughout the region.

Despite the success of their business, the goats remained humble and dedicated to providing the best possible service to their customers. They were known for their love of nature and their commitment to sustainable practices, and they worked tirelessly to ensure that their business had a minimal impact on the environment.

As the years went by, Higher Elevation became a beloved institution in the Bakersfield community. People would travel from all over the state just to experience the unique, goat-run dispensary, and the goats themselves became local celebrities.

And so, the goats of Higher Elevation continued to run their business with passion, dedication, and a deep love for the cannabis plant. They had found their calling in life, and they were proud to be able to share their expertise with the world.

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So what am I, can you denote? A mammal of the bovid kind, I have a curious appetite, And sometimes even help mankind.

The answer to my riddle, clear, Is an animal that’s known to bloat, But even though I eat with cheer, I’m often found on someone’s coat.


Higher Elevation Delivery Dispensary

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