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Lake Effect Provisioning Center | Portage

Michigan Cannabis Community,
Let me introduce you to Lake Effect. a premier provisioning center in Portage Michigan. They carry the best Michigan Grown Buds that have been carefully lab tested. Their cannabis products are dank enough to win the Michigan Cannabis Cup. Lake Effect works with Michigan Cannabis Growers. They also have stocked their Michigan Dispensary with the finest Michigan bud and more products. Moreover, it includes edibles, Medibles, CBD and the best medical marijuana in Michigan.

I made this page for Michigan Couponers. Moreover, this is a resource for Michigan Caregivers taking care of MMMP patient all over Michigan. The services at Lake Effect are unlike any other establishment of its kind. They are also committed to the safe use of medical marijuana. It’s a natural means to ease symptoms and improve health and wellness to all Michiganders.

Lake Effect Provisioning Center Deals, Discounts, Promotions

Thursday Triple Play Bundle Deal for $65!
Every Thursday, Lake Effect gives you the opportunity to try new products for a discounted price! on 2/6 try a medicated Honey Tub, a 5:10 thread Claw cartridge, and a Driven Pre-Roll for only $65! Save over 20% when you purchase our bundle deal!

Lake Effect Nick-Nacks!
We now have a small shop in store filled with all your smoking needs! Everything from papers, to dab rigs, to bowls, sweatshirts, water bottles and more! Ask your consultant today on your visit!

EVERY DAY IS FREE GRAM DAY WITH THE LAKE EFFECT TEAM! Every time you bring in a friend collect $20 in store credit just for bringing in a friend to sign up! Bring in 7 friends and get a free quarter or $140 in store credit!