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Lit Provisioning Center, Evart Michigan

Lit Provisioning Centers is proud to offer marihuana patients high-grade medical marihuana products in every form, including concentrates and flower. We carry a wide variety of smoking accessories from vendors all around the United States. Lit is a vertically integrated cannabis company, meaning we cultivate, process, and sell our own cannabis products directly to our consumers, in addition to carrying product lines from the most respected brands in the State of Michigan.


We cultivate, process, and sell our own cannabis products along with some of the most respected vendors here in the State of Michigan.

Our mission is to provide top notch customer service along with pharmaceutical quality cannabis products to all patients. We offer everything from flower, to concentrates, to edibles, to tinctures and consumption accessories in all forms.


Lit Provisioning Centers would like to welcome you. It is our passion to provide a safe, welcoming, professional, and educational experience for all cannabis users. Marihuana is going mainstream, and we are happy you chose us.

We embarked on this journey to recruit the best talent in cannabis by traveling across state and international lines in to more mature cannabis markets. This experience allowed us to see the future of what Michigan’s cannabis industry would look like while also learning from the mistakes made by its pioneers.

We are backed by some of the most successful commercial cannabis operators in the world. Our team has built and successfully operated 11 commercial scale cultivations in multiple regulated marihuana markets, all of which are still providing industry-leading medicine to this day.

With our proven track record in cannabis combined with 40+ years of retail distribution across multiple industries, Lit Provisioning Centers aims to provide the ultimate cannabis purchasing experience.