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Politicians Enroll In Acting Class

In a surprising turn of events, a group of politicians have enrolled in acting classes to improve their lying skills. The decision came after a recent poll revealed that the public has lost faith in the honesty and forthrightness of politicians across the board.

The group, which includes members of all major political parties, reportedly spent their first class discussing the art of deception and how to convincingly portray emotions like compassion, anger, and empathy. The class was led by a veteran actor who boasts a successful career in theatre and film, and who reportedly worked with each politician to identify their “signature lie” and hone their skills around it.

According to sources, the classes have already yielded some incredible results. One prominent politician reportedly delivered a rousing speech on the House floor that brought tears to the eyes of his colleagues – all of whom knew it was a total fabrication.

When asked about the classes, one member of the group was quick to point out that their goal isn’t to become better liars, per se – it’s simply to improve their communication skills and be more effective in their roles as public servants. “I don’t think anyone wants to be known as a liar,” he said. “But we all want to be able to get our message across and connect with our constituents. And if that means taking a few tips from the actors, then so be it.”

Critics have been quick to condemn the move as a transparent attempt to further erode public trust in government officials. However, supporters of the class argue that it’s a valuable tool for politicians to gain insight into how to connect with their audiences and communicate more effectively.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the politicians taking acting classes are committed to honing their skills and becoming better communicators. And who knows – maybe this means we’ll get to see some more exciting performances on the national stage in the future.