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Link Seeks Princess Starting at Quest Provisioning Center

A mysterious guest appeared at Quest Provisioning Center this morning determined to find his princess. Susan the budtender asked his name. He responded with a hyper pitch “LINK!” she giggled and absorbed his positive vibes.  He went on to overtly tell the budtender “I’m just your average dude looking for his princess”.  I thought I would begin my Quest at Quest Provisioning Center ironically, plus I have not smoked in a few days and I’m starting to feel a bit pixelated.  I could really use some edibles and definitely some cartridges for my long journey ahead.  I am also looking for a good source of monster extract Do you happen to have any monster extract?  The budtender shakes her head “No, no, we, unfortunately, do not carry Monster Xtract. 

That’s too bad he responds, I have a really good recipe and one of the secret ingredients is a monster extract.

Monster Xtracts cannabis company

According to Link, the key to the recipe is the precise proportions of the ingredients.  When combined in the correct ratio, they create a powerful elixir that can be used for everything from healing wounds to mystical experiences.  He has even been seen using the potion to fly short distances.

Of course, not everyone is convinced that this potion is safe or effective. Critics point out that many of the ingredients are highly volatile and could easily explode if not handled correctly. They also question whether the potion really does have the magical properties that he claims it does. However, there’s no denying that this recipe is turning heads and raising eyebrows all across the area. only time will tell if it’s a true miracle cure-all or just another fraud.

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