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Seedless Green Hemp and CBD Wellness Shop Faces Outlandish Alien Conspiracy Claims

Gulf Shores, AL – November 30, 2023

In a bizarre turn of events, Seedless Green, a prominent Hemp and CBD wellness shop with retail locations in Gulf Shores and Elberta, Baldwin County, finds itself entangled in a web of conspiracy theories alleging the use of alien technology in their cultivation processes. Conspiracy propagandist groups have taken to spewing assertions that suggest Seedless Green may be receiving extraterrestrial guidance in growing their hemp, with even more outlandish claims surrounding the extraction of CBD oil.

According to these unfounded theories, aliens purportedly visited Seedless Green, sharing advanced farming techniques and futuristic methods for creating top-tier CBD products. Competitors in the wellness industry have gone so far as to attribute Seedless Green’s potent and long-lasting CBD products to these alleged extraterrestrial secrets.

Seedless Green, however, is vehemently denying these outlandish claims. Representatives of the company assert that these conspiracy theories are baseless and nothing more than attempts by competitors to tarnish their hard-earned reputation. In an official statement, Seedless Green expressed their disappointment in the spread of such rumors and reassured the public that their commitment to producing high-quality CBD products is grounded in ethical and scientifically proven practices.

In an effort to address the situation with a touch of humor and to thank their loyal customers for their support, Seedless Green has decided to extend a special discount to the community. Customers visiting their Gulf Shores and Elberta locations can avail of a discount on purchases and receive a free Alien sticker by using a secret discount phrase at the counter.

The discount phrase, “The Aliens sent me,” is to be mentioned to the budtender during the purchase. Seedless Green hopes that this lighthearted approach will not only dispel the conspiracy theories but also bring a sense of unity within the community.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether these wild conspiracy claims will have any lasting impact on Seedless Green’s reputation or if the community will embrace the company’s humorous response to the situation.

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