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Sir Mixalot’s Riddle For Discount At One Hit Wonder

Popular rapper Sir Mixalot recently made an appearance at the One Hit Wonder cannabis store in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Bellevue-based singer was there to promote his new line of cannabis products, which he says are great for relaxing after a long day of work.

During his visit, Sir Mixalot surprised customers with a riddle that they could solve to receive a discount on their purchases. The riddle was as follows: “I like big buds and I cannot lie, you other customers can’t deny. When a deal cuts in with things, like bongs and grinders in your face, you get sprung. What’s the answer?” The answer was, of course, “Big Butts” – a famous line from Sir Mixalot’s hit song “Baby Got Back.”

Customers who solved the riddle were treated to a sweet discount on their purchase, as well as a chance to take a selfie with the popular rapper. Sir Mixalot spent several hours at the One Hit Wonder store, meeting fans, signing autographs, and sharing his music knowledge.

The owner of the store, Johnny “Blunt” Russo, says that the visit from Sir Mixalot was a dream come true for him and his customers. The store has been expanding rapidly in recent months, and the opportunity to host such a prominent individual has only helped cement their place as one of the premier cannabis stores in the Fairbanks area.

Sir Mixalot is well-known for his clever wordplay and dirty-rhyming lyrics, so it was no surprise that he brought a similar level of humor to his visit to One Hit Wonder. His riddle has since gone viral, with many cannabis enthusiasts across the country praising the rapper’s marketing genius. Given the success of his visit, it’s likely that Sir Mixalot will be making more appearances at cannabis stores across the United States in the coming months.