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Spooky Ghost to Serve as Celebrity Budtender at the House of Dank | Detroit

House of Dank has a  special spooky celebrity budtender this Week!  This is not your average budtender though. Introducing  Jimmy who is a lost soul from the prohibition era of Detroit. He will be budtending at the House of Dank part-time starting next week!

Bill Azin Reports:

4:20 PM

Detroit is a city of tradition. The history is palpable in the bricks that make up the buildings and even on the street corners. For Detroiters, their stories are woven into each other’s of dank detroit

Detroit, Michigan is well known for many things. For instance, Detroit has always been a destination for the American Dream. Once home to over two million people in 1950, today it’s about 700 thousand. And if you go by the statistics alone, that’s not at all surprising since Detroit was once nicknamed ‘Murder Capital of America’ and is now considered one of the most blighted cities in America with more than 80% of its land area covered in abandoned homes and other derelict properties. But while there are so many stories about what could have or should have happened to this city, there are also some remarkable success stories coming out of Detroit these days. One such story involves Jimmy “Runna” Johansen. He was a very well-known and respected errand runner for the mafia and the corrupt police of the prohibition of dank detroit

Back in the days, Jimmy was more than just a runner errand boy. See, he was special. He knew how to deal with the mafia bosses by remaining humble and focused on success.  Jimmy had character, he was friends with the good police from growing up in the same neighborhood as the commissioner. Jimmy was smart. He was clever enough to handle the corrupt police too. He was able to navigate all the groups at ease seemingly effortlessly.

Now as Michigan legalized cannabis again Jimmy has been hoping to be reincarnated as a professional budtender but as he awaits his next life he stays busy as a host of Ghost Spirits Tours around town where travelers can smoke and vape while Jimmy tells ghost stories. One of his favorites is the story of Harry Houdini’s death and how his soul is still lurking at the Majestic Theatre.

Jimmy is a lively and cunning spirit from Detroit during the 1920 prohibition era. Jimmy always wanted to be a bartender. He was planning to become a bartender at Digby’s Saloon but he was killed in a blaze of gunfire by the corrupt police and the mafia shootout of 1922. His spirit is still in Detroit wandering the streets going to bars, being an extra for movies and TV shows, or just hanging out on his old street corner with other spirits. The last few years have been tough though because weed became legal again and he really wants to become a professional budtender which isn’t allowed yet until he has corrected his karma. Luckily, Jimmy’s been able to do guest appearances as well as work part-time at various dispensaries around town when they need help

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in memory of Jim Pouillon