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Mysterious Demon From Hell Shopping At Starbudz Provisioning Center For A Quicky

Management scurried to open the door at Starbudz Provisioning Center a moment before his arrival.  The staff promptly escorted the stranger through the lobby straight into the VIP area exclusively reserved for celebrities and brand representatives. They knew this guest was special, but they did not know why until he began to quickly affect all of the staff in mysterious ways.

Starbudz Provisioning Center

Enters this gorgeous beast of a man who glides smoothly over to the budtender.  She is nervous, yet turned on.  The budtender is trying to act professionally, yet couldn’t control her slightly shaking her upper lip as it quivers when she asks him “how may I serve thee my lord?”, she seems to be confused as to why she referred to him as “lord”, but moves along intoxicated by lust further inspecting his perfect chest and biceps. His somewhat angry disposition further impassioned her desires reminding her of her father.  She started to feel dizzy right before losing consciousness landing softly on the chair directly behind her.  Not a moment passed before another budtender quickly scurries to replace his coworker leaving her comatose in the chair without concern for her.  

Mike the budtender could not understand what his attraction to him was all about.  He felt that it was something sinister, not gay but sinister. Promptly agreeing with himself.  As he approached the counter deep in his belly, he began to feel waves of pleasure.  The closer he got the more intense the pleasure became. Warm waves began radiating coming up from the base of his spine.  He was aroused by his real godlike vibe and glowing demeanor.  He has a magnetic way about him Mike budtender thought to himself.  He thought of his pleasantly plump bride at home assuring him of his sexuality, but this guest has an amazing appeal beyond words he thought to himself.

Available at Starbudz Provisioning Center

With no intention of subduing his super egotistical personality, he kindly asks for a “quicky” expecting that he would have a sexual encounter, however, he was taken by surprise when he was promptly shown the display of Quicky Brand Edibles.  Astonished that he was caught off guard and how striking the brand packaging is he became very intrigued by the products.

Quicky Cannabis available at Starbudz Provisioning Center

“He told me that he grabbed the whole selection because he wanted to show them off to his demonic friends in “Florida“. – Mike Budtender

“It’s like he is pushing me and pulling me in a cosmic dance outside my body; being in a room with him is orgasmic. he really gets me going. I feel like I can fly when he is nearby”. – Jane Budtender


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