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Pacabol Cannabis Dispensary

Pacabol Cannabis Dispensary

Once upon a time, there lived a small herd of alpacas in the beautiful city of Chula Vista, California. The alpacas were quite content with their lives until one day they heard about something called “pot.”

The curious alpacas decided to investigate this mysterious substance and soon found themselves outside Pacabol Cannabis Dispensary. Not knowing any better, the alpacas began sampling the various cannabis products available inside and quickly grew fond of them!

Before long, it became an everyday occurrence for the alpaca herd to be seen smoking pot right outside Pacabol’s doors. People passing by would often be surprised at what they saw but couldn’t help but laugh or take pictures as the happy little creatures enjoyed their newfound habit.

Their newfound activity soon earned them notoriety throughout Chula Vista and beyond – becoming somewhat local celebrities that everyone wanted to see! Even though some people still frowned upon their behavior, most just accepted it as part of life in modern-day California.

And so it remained until one day when suddenly all traces of the pot-smoking pack disappeared from sight… Where did they go? No one knows for sure – perhaps off on another adventure somewhere else? All we know is that these extraordinary animals left behind many lasting memories and will remain forever in our hearts (and minds).

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Pacabol Cannabis Dispensary
646 H St,
Chula Vista CA 91910
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