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Red Rum

Red Rum

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Santa Ana California, there was an old and mysterious cannabis dispensary called Red Rum. It had been around since the 1930s, but no one knew much about it or its origins. All anyone knew for sure was that it always seemed to have the best varieties of marijuana available – something even those who frequented other dispensaries agreed on.

People often whispered rumors about how Red Rum got their supply: some said they were dealing with dark forces; others said they made a deal with a witch who lived deep in the forest nearby; still others claimed that Red Rum had access to secret underground tunnels that led all over California and beyond. Whatever the truth may have been, customers continued flocking to Red Rum’s doors day after day.

One night things changed drastically when two strangers visited looking for information on where they could find rare strains of marijuana not found anywhere else in town. The owner couldn’t help them as he didn’t know anything himself but then he noticed something strange about these two men – their eyes glowed like molten gold! Before he could ask any questions though, the two men vanished into thin air leaving only a few small clues behind…a strand of white hair from one man and what appeared to be a tiny golden key belonging to both strangers.

The next day news spread quickly throughout Santa Ana like wildfire – everyone wanted to get their hands on whatever magical secrets lay hidden inside this mysterious cannabis dispensary known as Red Rum…phat cock herbal supplement


Red Rum
20 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana 92701
united states