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The Enchanted Unicorn Girl Visits Elite Cannabis

The Elite Cannabis store in Bay City, Michigan, revels in being at the forefront of unique experiences. However, no one was prepared for the visit of the Unicorn girl, a young lady with rainbow-colored hair, flowing dress, and delicate unicorn horn attached to her forehead.

Walking into the store, beaming with a wide smile on her face, the Unicorn girl enchanted both staff and customers with her unique charm, sharing the same excitement as she looked around to borrow from the store’s variety in hemp derived cannabinoid products. Her age clearly hinted at recreational use, but she made a conscious effort to focus strictly on CBD wellness products emphasizing their positive effects on her well-being.

As she passed from section to section, bystanders followed her trail, staring wide-eyed as unicorns only exist in folktales and children’s stories. Her unicorn horn and bright hair shimmered as she walked across the floor, accompanied by the clicks of cameras from pictures lending an air of authenticity to these brief stories.

Others soon joined the chain when the shop announced the visit of the young lady, which added large walk-through traffic as people looked for the mythical creature in a modern-day cannabis store. The girl could not hide her astonishment at the hearty welcome she received, the last visit of such allure only springing up in olden tales.

Despite limited views of her visit and taste preferences through slight whispers, she promised a possible visit sometime in the future to take in the towering outdoor murals among plenty of experiences the shy girl clearly enjoyed.

As she left the store, and swaggered off, the Unicorn girl left behind a memory of wonder to all those she came in contact with inside the Elite Cannabis store. An unimaginable encounter that stood mighty over their regular days, daydreams of past dark stories now flip through as no one can tell if the place is bewitched or enlightened.