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Barn Owl Attacks Unpaid Customer At The Barn Provisioning Center

In the late afternoon at the Barn Provisioning Center shrieks were heard down the block alerting the whole neighborhood that something bloodcurdling was taking place.  

It’s a scene that could have come straight from a horror movie – a barn owl hastily pounces on a customer possibly prematurely who may have been intending to steal a 55-dollar bottle of CBD.


The bird of prey attacked the customer at the store after he paid for the products he received behind the counter. Without hesitation, the barn owl began sinking its sharp talons into the man’s head causing him to bleed heavily.

Horrified onlookers said it was like something out of a nightmare as the owl continued to peck at the man’s head even after he fell to the ground. One customer told TOP WORLD NEWS in an interview, “it was a bloody gruesome scene mate, right in the middle of the store, the barn owl Don’t give a F#CK!”.

Claw Concentrates at the barn provisioning center

The staff was eventually able to pull the barn owl off but the security bouncers needed help to pull the barn owl away from the thief. The paying customer was slashed, pecked, and torn. He was really wrecked after the barn owl attacked him. The victim was barely able to move or speak while being run off on a gurney and headed to the hospital.

“I was just about to pay for this product when I was attacked by that gangster owl,” said the victim, who asked not to be identified. “It came out of nowhere and started pecking at my head. I think it thought that I was trying to steal the CBD product that I had in my pocket.”

the barn provisioning

Police are still investigating the incident, but they know that the barn owl was part of a gang of thieves in the 80s as their number one enforcer.  The gang was well known for extortion, always targeting local businesses back in the day. They were nearly busted a few times but they were never officially caught breaking the law. Authorities have been trying to shut him down for years, but he’s always one step ahead. They’ve never been able to catch him with any incriminating evidence.

“We’re urging all business owners to be on alert and contact us if they see any suspicious activity,” said a police spokesperson.

In the meantime, the victim is recovering from his injuries and says he’s just glad he wasn’t hurt worse. “That gangster owl could have really done some damage if his claw got in my eye! That would really burn and be very sticky I bet.

the barn provisioning center

When asked about his dispensary, the gangster owl denied any wrongdoing. “I’m just a small business owner trying to make an honest buck,” he said. “I provide a much-needed service to the community.”

But neighbors and city officials paint a different picture. They say he is a gangster owl and nothing more than a crook who’s been selling drugs out of his barn for years. “He’s a menace to our community,” one neighbor said.

Despite the allegations, the barn owl insists he’s done nothing wrong. He plans to fight any charges brought against him and vows to clear his name.