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Werewolves attack cannabis dispensary in Tijuana

In the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, a small cannabis dispensary called “Green Leaf Society” was surrounded by a pack of aggressive werewolves. The area was known to be haunted by paranormal entities, but this was a whole new level of terror.

The owner of the dispensary, Esteban, had always been skeptical about the supernatural, but the situation he found himself in was beyond his comprehension. He could hear the howling of the beasts, mingled with the sound of scraping claws on concrete.

He knew he had to act fast before the creatures broke in and wreaked havoc. Esteban grabbed his shotgun and stepped outside, ready to face the unknown.

But what he saw made him drop his gun in fear. The werewolves were not ordinary beasts. They stood on two legs, towering over him, with eyes that glowed in the darkness. Esteban realized he was dealing with something far more sinister than he had ever imagined.

It was then that he noticed a strange smell emanating from the dispensary. It was a familiar scent, but he couldn’t quite place it. Suddenly, it clicked – it was the pungent aroma of a rare strain of cannabis called “Lobo Rojo” that he had just received from a new supplier.

Esteban knew that the werewolves must have been drawn to the scent, and he had to act quickly if he wanted to protect himself and his business. He ran back inside the dispensary and locked the door behind him, hoping that it would buy him some time.

As he barricaded himself inside, Esteban could hear the creatures scratching at the door, their snarls growing louder by the second. He knew that he would have to find a way out or risk being trapped inside forever.

With no other option, he began to smoke some of the “Lobo Rojo” in a desperate attempt to calm his nerves. As he exhaled, he felt a strange sensation wash over him. His senses were heightened, and he could feel the energy of the room around him.

Suddenly, he heard a loud crash as the werewolves broke through the door. With a newfound sense of courage, Esteban stood up to face the beasts. As they lunged at him, he moved with agility he never knew he possessed, dodging their attacks with ease.

In a moment of clarity, Esteban realized that the “Lobo Rojo” had transformed him into a werewolf too. With renewed strength, he fought back against the creatures, overpowering them with ease.

As the last of the werewolves lay defeated at his feet, Esteban realized that he had unlocked a new power within himself. He knew that the spirits of the region had chosen him to defend his land against the paranormal, and he was ready to accept his role.

From that day onwards, everyone who visited the “Green Leaf Society” knew that they were under the protection of a true guardian of the supernatural world.