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Wild Bill Hickok’s Ghost Haunting Wild Bill’s Tobacco Statewide

All over Michigan, a popular smoke shop chain, Wild Bill’s Tobacco is being haunted by the ghost of Wild Bill Hickok. Employees and customers have been reporting strange sightings and occurrences, such as things moving on their own, doors slamming shut, and cold spots.  The ghost has been seen walking through walls, appearing in mirrors, and even floating around the store. He is said to be very angry, and some people have even claimed that he has attacked them.

Wild Bill's Tobacco

Some people are scared by the ghost, while others find him amusing or intriguing. Manager Brooke says that she’s not too worried about it. We’ve had a few spooky things happen, but it’s all just harmless fun. I think it’s great that our store has a bit of personality.”

When asked about the ghost, many of the employees seem to be scared but excited at the same time. They say that it’s been a while since they’ve had a good haunting from Bill and that he usually stopped in around Halloween. The customers are really drawn in by it. Some of them have even claimed to have seen the ghost themselves.

But not everyone is happy about the ghost’s presence. One customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she found it really creepy and that she doesn’t want her kids going into a store that is haunted. She’s concerned that the ghost might follow them home so she orders online and picks up her cigars in the parking lot.

So far, the owners of Wild Bills Tobacco haven’t commented on the hauntings. But with Halloween coming up, it’ll be interesting to see if they plan any special events around Wild Bill’s return. 

While some people are spooked by the sightings, others find them amusing. Emily was horrified in the Waterford store when she went for cigarettes this weekend.  “It’s just like a scene out of a horror movie!” she said while nervously smoking a menthol cigarette. While another customer calmly mentioned, “I never knew tobacco shops could be so exciting.”

The management of Wild Bills Tobacco is taking the reports of the ghost seriously and is currently trying to find a way to get rid of it or at least capitalize on the phenomenon. In the meantime, they are advising their employees and customers to keep their phone cameras on to catch some photos of Wild Bill McClintock in the store. 

Wild Bill's Tobacco