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Class action suit against evil empire: seeking damages for pathological brain damage effects

Class action suit was filed today with the federation government recorded as “the people versus the evil empire “ for implementation of evil plans” leading to pathological brain damage among the masses.

Mental health awareness forever.

The suit calls for 33 billion as a start to assist the first wave of mental patients suffering from pathological brain damage due to the empire’s media and big businesses all working together for the complete takeover of mankind.

The class action suit includes all the evil coorporate big names like big pharma, big tech, big box and even big boy to be sued in this open class action suit which will go on for generations.

“Everyone will be mental in the future “ -evil empire spokesman said on Monday. People should get used to odd behavior from more people for the foreseeable future. He went on to say that “being heavily armed from now on would really be a good idea. “

This suit will be going on for the next 55 years minimum . It will be broadcasted by attorney referral services on daytime tv for anyone who wishes to drop out of the rat race into a perfectly sedated numb existence filled with ice cream cones and doughnuts until your brain is so inflamed that you forgot your name.

Just call Attourny Douche Megabytes and Partners with your claim against the evil empire and receive 7 kilos of sugar from big food, 7 prescriptions from big pharma and 7 years of free cable tv with unlimited programming. Call 1-888-666-4200 and get the justice you deserve.

The only one who wins are the attorneys. Just so you’re not further delusional.