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Covid Kindness Spreads Faster Than Any Virus

Covid Kindness Has Spread Faster Than Any Other Virus In History.

Breaking news: Covid Kindness is out of control in the cannabis industry! In an effort to help those adversely affected by the pandemic, many Doctors, Caregivers and businesses have been providing free products and services to their customers.

The trend started with caregivers who have always led the way to recovery without profit as a primary concern However now a few small businesses are offering discounts or even giving away their products for free to those in need. Thereafter the big cannabis people soon caught on and more companies began doing the same. Now, it’s become common practice across the entire cannabis industry, with some organizations going above and beyond to give back during this difficult time.

One such business is Green Farms, who recently announced they would be sending out 100 packages filled with complimentary cannabis-related items every week throughout 2023. They hope that by doing so they can make life just a little bit easier for people struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Other companies are also getting creative when it comes to helping those in need – some are collaborating with charities and food banks while others are donating a portion of their profits towards relief efforts around the world. It’s clear that Covid Kindness has become part of this growing sector’s culture – something which we should all take notice of!

The cannabis industry is being taken over by Covid Kindness! Reports are coming in from all over the country of dispensary owners and growers going above and beyond to help their local communities. From donating supplies to those in need, to hosting virtual events for education and entertainment, it’s clear that these businesses are doing more than just selling marijuana products.

In Denver alone, we’ve seen a number of dispensaries using their profits to provide meals for frontline workers or donate masks and other protective gear. Growers have been offering free seeds so people can grow their own plants at home, while extraction companies have been offering discounts on concentrates. The list goes on!interactive cannabis marketing

It’s no surprise that this kind of generosity has become contagious throughout the industry – now even small business owners who don’t normally deal with cannabis are getting involved as well! One such example is a florist who decided to use her store as an unofficial “Covid Kindness” drop-off point; customers can come in with donations like sanitizer or gloves which she then distributes among various dispensaries in the area.

This incredible show of support is really making a difference – not only does it bring much-needed relief during these tough times but it also helps promote an image of kindness within the often stigmatized cannabis industry. We look forward to seeing more examples like these in the future as we continue our fight against Covid-19!


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In an unprecedented move, the cannabis industry has declared a state of emergency—Covid Kindness is out of control! It began when local dispensaries started offering free marijuana to anyone who needed it. Word spread quickly and soon enough, other businesses in the industry were joining in on the act of kindness.

Small business owners have been overwhelmed by customers wanting to get their hands on free product. They’ve had to take extreme measures like rationing or limiting orders just to make sure everyone gets their share. In some cases, they’ve even offered discounts for bulk purchases so that more people can benefit from the generosity!

The response has been overwhelming with many praising these companies for their efforts. Some are calling it a “grassroots movement” while others believe this could be a major turning point in the cannabis industry’s fight against Covid-19. The government is also taking notice, with several states already considering legislation that would protect small businesses from any potential backlash due to this newfound generosity.

Only time will tell if this trend continues but one thing is certain: Covid Kindness has taken over the cannabis industry and won’t be going away anytime soon!