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New Study Show That Our Favorite Food Is Making People More Evil

People who eat a lot of fast food are 51 percent more likely to be depressed than those who steer clear of it, according to a Spanish study. The more burgers, pizza, and fries people ate, the greater their risk.Mar 17, 2022

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Breaking news: pizza might be to blame for a sudden rise in evil behavior all around the world. Studies from nations across the globe have reported an alarming increase in malicious activity, and experts are now suggesting that this phenomenon could be linked to everyone’s favorite food, pizza.

This shocking revelation has sent shockwaves throughout society as people try to come to terms with this startling discovery. Could it really be true? Is pizza the source of all our problems? As people grapple with these difficult questions, scientists have been working hard to uncover more information about this puzzling link between pizzas and evil deeds.

Fatty food such as pizzas, fried foods, chips, pastries, meat, cookies, and excess caffeine also are known to cause anxiety and depression symptoms and make one feel sluggish, says Dr. Shobha.Aug 18, 2022

evil pizza

So far, researchers have found that those who eat large amounts of pizza tend to exhibit higher levels of aggression and malevolence than those who don’t. Other studies suggest that pizza consumption is associated with decreased empathy and increased sociopathic tendencies. Though many remain skeptical about these findings, there seems little doubt that something sinister is indeed at play here.

As citizens continue their debate on the issue, one thing is certain: life will never quite be the same again! For better or worse, we must confront the fact that our beloved ‘pizza’ may not actually be so harmless after all…

evil pizza evil pizza evil pizza

The results of the studies have been consistent, with scientists in countless countries reaching the same conclusion: that pizza is behind an alarming increase in malicious behavior. From theft and vandalism to violent crimes, it appears that something about eating pizza has turned many otherwise good people into villains.

evil pizza

Researchers theorize that this phenomenon could be related to a chemical found in all types of pizzas called ‘evilonium.’ This mysterious substance has been known to cause feelings of aggression and anger when consumed, leading those who eat it to act out in unethical ways.

For now, authorities are urging citizens not to consume any type of pizza until further tests can be conducted. In the meantime, they suggest opting for healthier alternatives such as salads or fruits instead. Only time will tell if this advice proves effective at curbing the rising tide of evil caused by pizza consumption around the world.evil pizza

“Pizza has a high glycemic index, so it raises blood levels of sugar and can trigger acne and advanced glycation end products that break down collagen. The dairy in the cheese also contains growth hormones that may trigger acne as well. Sep 12, 2021