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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Takes Over Freddie’s Joint Provisioning Center

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is expanding its business and has acquired Freddie’s Joint Provisioning Center for a completely new style of Pizzeria. 

The move comes as a surprise to many, as Freddy Fazbear’s is known for its family-friendly restaurants, and Freddies is known for its high-quality cannabis products. This kind of pizzeria dispensary has never been done before but Freddy is confident that it will be a huge success!

Many are concerned about the new ownership, as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is known for its animatronic characters that have been known to scare children.  TOP WORLD NEWS’s best journalist Bill Azin was able to catch up with Freddy for an up-close and personal interview.

freddy's joint provisioning center

When asked about the acquisition, a spokesperson for Freddy Fazbear’s said, “We saw an opportunity to expand our business into a new market, and we decided to take it. We believe that Freddy Fazbear’s can provide a better experience for cannabis users than Freddies ever could.”

“So tell me, what are your plans for Freddie’s Provisioning Center?” The reporter asks.

“I’m excited about this new venture,” Freddy said in a recent interview. “Freddies is a great business, and I’m confident that I can make it even better by adding our highest quality pizza ingredients along with stellar cannabis.”

freddy's joint provisioning center

When asked about how he plans to retain Freddies’ loyal customer base, Freddy was quick to respond.  “My pizzas are delicious,” he said with a smile. “I’m sure my customers will love them.”

“We plan to keep it running exactly how it was before,” the employee responds. “We want to make sure that our customers stay happy.”

When asked if they were worried about the backlash from the community, the employee responded with a devilish grin.

Some industry experts are skeptical of Freddy Fazbear’s ability to compete in the cannabis market, but the company is confident that it can succeed. “Our pizza now has the greatest herb and that will blow the customers away!”

freddy's joint provisioning center


Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria has taken over Freddie’s Provisioning Center. Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria is an undercover animatronic police surveillance team who remotely controls the robots to investigate the missing children from the area. The missing children problem has been going on for a while now and the police have been struggling to find any clues. Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria has decided to take things into their own hands by setting up hidden cameras and controlling the animatronics themselves.  They believe that they can find out what’s going on by investigating from within the pizzeria.

We are committed to finding these children and bringing them home safely. Thank you for your support.” -Freddy Fazbear

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