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Flintstones Family Make Appearance at Light’N Up Provisioning Center | Flint

The Flintstones family are well-known cannabis lovers, and they were recently spotted at Light’N up Provisioning Center in Flint on Saturday. The staff immediately recognized the family and were excited to serve them. The Flintstones are big fans of edibles, and they were impressed with the selection at Light’N up. They picked up a few different kinds to try, and they’re looking forward to the weekend to really get stoned. They were particularly impressed with Dixie Marys’s variety of flavors and the BOGO they offer on Saturday. Wilma was extremely pleased to find Kosmik Brands with an array of flavors. So, inevitably they ended up buying more than they could carry out the door. The Flintstones are definitely one family that knows their way around a cannabis dispensary!

Light'N Up Provisioning Center

Pebbles was hoping to speak with the management of Light’N up Provisioning Center about a budtender job. She had recently graduated from Michigan State with a degree in horticulture and was excited to put her knowledge to work in the cannabis industry. However, when she arrived at the dispensary, she was told that there were no open positions. Disheartened, she turned to leave, but not before taking a moment to speak with the manager. “I understand that there are no open positions right now,” she said. “But I really believe in the power of this plant and I would love to be a part of your team. I’m willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. Please, just give me a chance.” The manager listened patiently and then told her that he would keep her in mind for future openings. As Pebbles walked out of the dispensary, she felt hopeful that one day she would be working in the industry she was so passionate about.Light'N Up Provisioning Center
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