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Pharmhouse Provisioning Center Welcomes The Incredible Mr. Ed

Farmhouse dispensary is a local favorite and a popular tourist destination for those visiting the Grand Rapids area. Known for its incredible selection of top-shelf cannabis, the dispensary has welcomed many notable guests over the years.

Last Monday night while the store was quieting down, the front door slammed open rattling the displays on the wall and jostling all the products in the display cases. Promptly thereafter the famous horse trotted in backward. It seems that he up and kicked open the door with his rear legs while moonwalking in the store, and in a loud voice states “Hello I’m Mr. Ed”


pharmhouse provisioning center

The warm staff welcomed the incredible Mr. Ed into the dispensary and were excited to have him visit. A champion of cannabis reform, Mr. Ed is sure to be impressed with Pharmhouse’s selection of products and its knowledgeable staff. With over two decades of experience in the cannabis industry, Mr. Ed is a respected authority on all things marijuana-related. He was after some Rare Michigan Genetics. 

pharmhouse provisioning center

Pharmhouse Provisioning Center Welcomes The Incredible Mr. Ed

Farmhouse dispensary is a popular spot for those in the know. Located on the edge of town, it’s a rustic farmhouse that has been converted into a cannabis shop.  Mr. Ed had heard great things about the place and when he arrived, he knew that he had made the right choice. The proprietor was more than happy to show him around and Mr. Ed was impressed by what he saw. There are several different areas in the store, each with its own unique charm. Mr. Ed enjoyed looking around and he was impressed by the selection of products available. He also liked the fact that Farmhouse dispensary is community-oriented. They support local businesses and they are involved in various charity work. This is something that is important to Mr. Ed and it’s one of the reasons why he loves this dispensary so much.

We were very excited when The Incredible Mr. Ed showed up at our dispensary today! We were able to get an interview with him and ask him about his cannabis use.

“How long have you been using cannabis?” we asked him.

“Ohhhhh, I’ve been using it for years now,” he said. “It’s really helped me manage my anxiety and keep my stress levels down.”

He went on to say that he’s tried other methods of managing his anxiety, but cannabis has been the most effective for him. He loves the way it makes him feel relaxed and calm.

We’re so happy to see that cannabis can help people with mental health issues like anxiety! Thank you, Mr. Ed, for sharing your story with us!

Mr. Ed was greeted by the friendly staff and shown around the dispensary. He was amazed at the variety of strains available, and he quickly found a few favorites. After browsing for a while, Mr. Ed decided to make a purchase. He opted for some Floozie and Runtz both of which are known for their potent effects.

Thank you for choosing Farmhouse dispensary, Mr. Ed! We hope you enjoy your experience here and come back soon!pharmhouse provisioning center