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STIIIZY Wilmington

STIIIZY Wilmington

Once upon a time, there was a mystical creature who lived deep in the woods of Wilmington California. The locals called him “The Beast” and he kept to himself most of the time. Every now and then, however, he would venture out into town to pick up supplies from STIIIZY Cannabis dispensary.

One day, as The Beast was leaving the shop with his purchase tucked away in a burlap sack under one arm, he noticed that some of the townsfolk had gathered around to watch him leave. Startled by this sudden attention, The Beast quickly ran off into the woods without looking back.

Rumors quickly spread throughout town about what they had seen – could it really have been an actual mythical beast? Everyone wanted answers but no one knew where to find them… until one brave soul decided to take matters into their own hands! Armed with nothing more than curiosity and determination, this brave soul ventured into the forest alone in search for answers…

When they arrived at The Beast’s home deep within the woods, they were met with a sight like no other – hundreds of jars filled with various herbs and plants used for medicinal purposes lined every wall! Before long it became clear that not only had they found their answer but also a new friend too. With each passing day they spent together learning more about healing remedies from nature itself; soon enough those rumors began turning into stories instead…phat cock herbal supplement


STIIIZY Wilmington
1026 W Pacific Coast Hwy
Wilmington CA 90744
united states