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Timber Cannabis

In a stunning turn of events, a new cannabis dispensary has opened up in Muskegon, Michigan – and it’s run entirely by a group of wood elves who live high among the treetops!

The elves of Timber Cannabis have quickly made a name for themselves in the cannabis industry with their unique approach to business. Instead of the typical sterile and clinical dispensary environment, Timber Cannabis is decorated with natural wood finishes and plenty of foliage to create a truly immersive forest experience. Customers can even indulge in a joint while lounging in a hammock suspended between two trees!

But what really sets Timber Cannabis apart is the expertise of the wood elf staff. Their knowledge of cannabis is unrivaled, and they have a deep understanding of the plants that grow within their forest home. In fact, they’ve even started growing their own strains of cannabis – which they lovingly refer to as “Mushroom Magic” and “Elvish Delight.”

Despite their unconventional approach to business, Timber Cannabis has been wildly successful. Customers from all over the state flock to their forest dispensary for a taste of the wood elf magic. And with their commitment to sustainability and natural living, it seems like the elves of Timber Cannabis have found a truly unique niche in the cannabis industry.

But it’s not just the quality of their products that has people talking – it’s the elves themselves. With their pointed ears and whimsical nature, the elves of Timber Cannabis have become beloved figures in Muskegon. They’re known for their mischievous ways, often playing pranks on customers by hiding their stash in secret places around the store.

And while some skeptics have questioned the safety and legitimacy of a business run by mystical creatures, the elves of Timber Cannabis insist that they are licensed and fully compliant with state regulations.

So if you’re looking for a truly magical cannabis experience, head on over to Timber Cannabis in Muskegon – the elves are waiting to welcome you with open arms!

Timber Cannabis
313 W Laketon Ave
Muskegon Michigan 49441
united states