At the Barn our mission is Wellness!

We have a comfortable waiting area and private viewing area where you will always have your individual privacy while choosing your medicinal cannabis. We strive to make every patient feel valued, respected and cared for as we conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

We believe this focus on comfort and overall wellness will create an inviting, warm, and comfortable environment that will aid in the patients’ relief and healing, making The Barn the premier destination for medical cannabis patients in Michigan. Working with our patients to provide a safe, comfortable and responsible atmosphere is what really sets us apart from other cannabis facilities.


The state and local communities are watching medical cannabis to determine if it’s safe and responsible. If we focus on being positive examples for medical cannabis, our communities will begin to accept us instead of being suspicious of us.

If we can achieve this, the perception of medical cannabis would change along with the stigma that is associated with it. This is the key for keeping safe and legal access. Please be accountable and help us reach our goal.


(810) 742-1500


3491 E. Bristol Rd.
Burton, MI 48529


M-Sa: 11a–7p
Sunday: 12p–6p